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The Alliance isn't just another suit - its a suit for a whole new sport.

Welcome to the SwimRun movement. This highly anticipated suit brings together three years of race proven testing and technical refinements. Designed for comfort and speed the Alliance will give you the edge in and out of the water, producing better swim splits and faster runs in comfort. 

Key Specs:

  • Front Zipper: extended front zipper allows you to unzip on the run and keep your body temperature in check when out of the water
  • Rugged Rubber: built with exceptionally durable neoprene the Alliance wetsuit is designed to withstand the most rugged SwimRun conditions
  • Pockets: two internal front pockets and one back pocket allow you to easily carry nutrition and gear with ease and comfort
  • Tether Loops: built in loops make tether quick and easy
  • Short Legs: short cut legs provide buoyancy during the swim without restricting movement during the run.
  • Customizable Arms: fully taped seams in the arms allow you to trim the sleeves without compromising the suit. 

Key Features