Femme Fit

Twenty years of designing suits for triathletes and swimmers has provided us with a wealth of experience and our female athletes are some of our strongest ambassadors. When in the open water no female athlete should have to deal with restriction that comes with a bad fitting wetsuit. Fifteen years ago we introduced femme fit. The goal was to find the perfect fit for our female athletes. 

Our designers and fit specialists have spent countless hours working on, observing women swimming, tweaking pattern designs and taking into account their personal experiences and anatomical differences. No other suit fits women better than Blueseventy.

  • A superior size range to fit every body type

  • Our femme fit sizing focuses on refined pattern designs in critical fit areas like the bust, torso and even the wrists and ankles

  • We've lowered the neckline of our femme fit suits to provide superior comfort and reduced chaffing

  • The extended zipper length makes our femme fit suits slip on easier while accommodating those with wider hips and most importantly making transitions easier and faster

Femme Fit provides women of all shapes, sizes and skill levels what they want most in the water - a suit that fits. The highly turned size range is the result of extensive testing and listening to what women had to say. An ever evolving size range features a refined bust and torso shape, a lowered neckline, a slimmer fit in critical areas for a better feel in the water and an extended zipper length to accommodate wider hips for easier, faster transitions.

Femme Fit sizing is available on every women's Blueseventy wetsuit and is the inspiration for all our women specific products - from our swim skins, race competition swim suits, training suits and even goggles.


Please feel free to email us at us@blueseventy.com with any questions or feedback. We're listening.