How Long Will My Nero Last?

How long should my nero last?
There’s no exact answer to how long a suit should last, because it depends on how frequently you wear it and how well it’s looked after.
From the moment you put it in the water, chlorine will start the aging process of the suit. Chlorine is extremely harsh on the highly technical fabric and seam bonding. With use, you'll see two things happen. First, the chlorine causes the glue on the bonded seams to breakdown, making them susceptible to tears. Second, you'll notice stretch degradation, which is a combination of the pool chemicals breaking down the compressive nature of the fabric, and time / use stretching out the suit. 
To limit breakdown of your suit and prolong it's life we recommend rinsing in fresh, cold water and drying as soon as possible after use. Please remember that once it's been immersed in chlorinated water, degradation will start. However, a well cared for Nero should last you three to six months. In the event of any defect in the product we offer a 6-week warranty period as standard.

Please note that after this six week period, our retailers will not replace suits that smell strongly of chlorine, or look like they’ve been left in a kit bag overnight. If there is a genuine problem with your nero we will, of course, replace it, but please take good care of it and it should see you through plenty of personal best times for months to come!
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