Taking Care of your blueseventy NERO

Save your best, most scientific suits for your best, most important meets. The fabrics are highly  technical and chlorine, which is effectively bleach, damages them. Wearing nero for long periods  of time stretches it, and is uncomfortable.

Here’s our race day suit tips:
• Put your suit on about half an hour before you race
• Take your time, the fabrics are lightweight & delicate to make them FAST, so treat them with care.
• Always have a spare suit, just in case! You may need a dry suit for finals!
• Don’t wear your race suit for warm ups & swim downs.
• Girls, if you swim down between races wear a training suit over your race suit, take the straps off your shoulders & roll the race suit down to the narrowest part of your waist. This is more comfortable & helps prolong the life of your suit.
• Rinse your suit with fresh, cold water & dry it flat or hanging from the legs (hanging from straps encourages chlorine to collect in crotch & damages the bonding there)
• Never, ever use a hand dryer to dry your suit!