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When it comes to selecting the best wetsuit for swimming one can easily be overwhelmed with all the options out there. blueseventy alone has 8 gender specific models! Add in different brands and styles and the choice becomes even more complex. Let’s explore the topic and help you decide on the best wetsuit for you and your goals in the water. There are several key factors to take into account when buying your first open water wetsuit: Competitiveness Budget Frequency of Use Swim Distance Water Temperature Swimming Background / Skill Level When to Choose a Sleeveless Suit All wetsuits are not...

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We're very excited to welcome professional triathlete Eric Lagerstrom to the blueseventy team. The sponsorship will help Lagerstrom defend his Escape from Alcatraz title and chase his dream of leading US triathletes in Rio this summer. blueseventy’s sponsorship manager Ryan Vanderloop has been watching Eric for over a year, “Our team noticed Eric coming out of Portland a few years ago. Last year we were at Escape and who couldn’t notice Eric after that! Our talks leading to the sponsorship were highly energized around wetsuit tech, video’s, lifestyle and making an impact in both triathlon racing and media. We hit it off...

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Athletes often ask us what's the difference between a full and a sleeveless wetsuit? Easy: full suits are faster and warmer. In the past, full suits were often only used for very cold swims, as they had a reputation for reducing stroke efficiency and causing muscle fatigue in the arms. With the advent of more flexible materials and better construction techniques, today's crop of full suits, even the value ones, feature restriction-free design benefits. Now they have become the choice of suit for most triathletes. So why would you want a sleeveless suit? Full suits are warmer. The number one reason for picking up...

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