How to Choose? Fusion vs Sprint Wetsuits

Purchasing a wetsuit, especially if it is your first wetsuit, can be an intimidating experience. These suits cost a lot of money after all, and it's common to be filled with doubts. "What if it doesn't fit?" "What if it's not comfortable?" "Can I swim in it? "Can I return it?" These are a few of the common concerns we hear regularly.
How to Choose? Fusion vs Sprint Wetsuits

First, rest assured; when you purchase a wetsuit directly from Blueseventy, within the USA, you can not only give the suit a test swim, but we actually encourage it.

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Most customers report that a wetsuit feels much better when swimming than compared to standing on dry land. In fact, a suit that goes on easily and is very comfortable when standing is most likely to take on quite a bit of water when swimming. One of the primary reasons a suit feels better when swimming is that the downward pressure felt when standing is alleviated when horizontal in the water. Check out our tips on putting on a wetsuit for optimal fit and feel so that you are prepared and ready to get into the suit for the first time. 

Get into a wetsuit successfully: Watch our Fit Videos

Fusion vs Sprint

You may be wondering what the benefits are between our entry level Sprint wetsuit and the next model up, the Fusion... why is it worth the upgrade and additional cost? Here's a quick list of the key differences:

  • More advanced patterning / design
  • More comfortable fit
  • More buoyancy
  • Superior inner jersey lining
  • Faster, more hydrodynamic
  • Easier / Faster to remove during triathlon transition


All of our wetsuits use premium Yamamoto Neoprene, sourced from limestone, which make them more environmentally friendly compared to neoprene made from petroleum. In addition, our wetsuits use smooth-skin neoprene, which is a closed cell neoprene with a smooth surface that glides through water faster than the more common open cell neoprene found in diving and surfing wetsuits. Both the Fusion and Sprint wetsuits are crafted using Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene, however the Fusion is smooth-skin throughout the entire suit, where the Sprint uses a standard neoprene lined with Super Stretch jersey in the under arms and ankles. The 39 cell smooth-skin neoprene is extremely flexible and durable making both suits very comfortable and flexible, but the Fusion gets the edge with complete smooth-skin construction which adds warmth, buoyancy and speed compared to the Sprint. One thing to note, is that most other brands use 38 cell neoprene in their entry level suit, which gives the Blueseventy Sprint the upper hand compared to other wetsuits in the same price range.

Any high end swimming wetsuit manufacturer will choose to line the inside of the neoprene with a nylon jersey and these linings come in a variety of options which can affect both the stretch / flexibility and comfort of the suit. The more stretchy / soft the lining material is, the more it costs. The main goal when designing the Sprint is to produce a quality suit while keeping the production cost as low as possible so that the consumer price can remain equally low. With the Fusion, we are able to upgrade the basic nylon liner to a more stretchy option which contributes to the suit feeling more flexible and comfortable.


The Fusion will be more buoyant than the Sprint for one simple reason. The Fusion has a large area of 5mm thick neoprene in the hips and upper legs where the Sprint has a maximum neoprene thickness of 4mm. The thicker neoprene will offer more buoyancy. Due to triathlon regulations, 5mm is the thickest neoprene allowed which is why you won't find a swimming specific wetsuit with thicker neoprene. 

The primary reason that people swim faster in a wetsuit than without is the improved body position a wetsuit provides by lifting the lower body. Swimmers, especially new swimmers, sink in their legs and hips which creates a tremendous amount of drag. Reducing drag when swimming is the absolute best way to make swimming both easier and faster. Putting thicker neoprene under the hips and legs of a swimmer improves their body position automatically. 

swimmer in fusion wetsuit


The Fusion is superior to the Sprint in the amount of range of motion in the arms and shoulders. With this increase in flexibility and range of motion, swimming feels easier and more natural. This ultimately increases your speed as your body doesn't have to work against the suit. In addition, the smooth-skin neoprene used in the Fusion under arms is more hydrophobic (ie: glides through the water more easily) than the Super Stretch used in the Sprint. 

The Fusion neoprene also has a Super Composite Skin (SCS) coating throughout the entire suit. This is a coating applied to the outside of the smooth-skin neoprene which increases not only the speed of the suit in the water (increases the hydrophobic properties of the neoprene), but it also adds durability to the material which can help limit the chance for accidental tension tears. The Sprint only has SCS coating on the smooth-skin throughout the arms, the hips, and the front of the legs (all places where someone will most likely be gripping the suit when putting it on). This difference equals more speed for the Fusion and more durability throughout the entire suit. 

Quick Exit

If you're a triathlete, odds are you want to get out of your wetsuit as fast as possible during a race. With the Fusion we've added the Quick Exit Leg panels which have been loved for many years in our higher end Reaction and Helix wetsuits. These panels are designed with 2mm Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene which create a stretchier leg opening, allowing the swimmer to quickly pull the suit over their heel and off. The Sprint offers Super Stretch jersey in the ankle area which improves the speed of suit removal as well, however the Fusion's design is still faster than the Sprint. 


Overall the benefits to the Fusion easily make the difference in price understandable, and for those where budget is not the top concern, they make a strong case for why you should consider the Fusion over the Sprint when choosing your swimming / triathlon wetsuit. 

sprint versus fusion wetsuits




In summary, stick with the Sprint if cost is your primary concern. You'll have a great entry level wetsuit that is more flexible than most other entry level suits and offers warmth and buoyancy allowing you to focus on your swim and not what you're wearing. It's a great option for many new swimmers or experienced swimmers on a budget. 



If you want to keep the cost of the suit low but also are looking for the best performance, the Fusion is the way to go. You'll get increased flexibility, comfort and speed for a small increase in price. 

As always, if you have any questions on the wetsuits, or need help nailing the right size before you purchase please reach out via chat, phone or email. We're always happy to help!