Welcome to the Viking Life

Welcome to the Viking Life

We're very excited to welcome professional triathlete Eric Lagerstrom to the blueseventy team. The sponsorship will help Lagerstrom defend his Escape from Alcatraz title and chase his dream of leading US triathletes in Rio this summer.

blueseventy’s sponsorship manager Ryan Vanderloop has been watching Eric for over a year, “Our team noticed Eric coming out of Portland a few years ago. Last year we were at Escape and who couldn’t notice Eric after that! Our talks leading to the sponsorship were highly energized around wetsuit tech, video’s, lifestyle and making an impact in both triathlon racing and media. We hit it off with Eric immediately and the next few years promise to be exciting.”

Eric sees the partnership value on multiple levels, "I am stoked to be a blueseventy athlete. I spent a lot of time testing the helix wetsuit and it surpassed all my expectations. I am also excited to be working with a group of people who are not only trying to push the limits of suit design and make sure athletes have the fastest gear, but they are interested in what it takes to move the sport of triathlon forward. Also, when it comes to video, blueseventy and I agree that triathlon has an opportunity to offer rich and interesting content – we have some fun plans in the works."

Mike Orton, blueseventy’s Brand & Product Manager, added, “Last year we singled out Eric as an athlete to target and we couldn’t be happier to add him to our excellent roster of sponsored triathletes. His potential as an athlete on the ITU and non-draft scene is vast and he provides a rare insight into the lifestyle with his video and social content. We look forward to collaborating with him on future projects and products.”

While running collegiate cross country, Lagerstrom won the 18-19 USA Triathlon National Championship age group which qualified him for his pro card and eventually the U23 Word Championships in 2012. In 2013 he joined The Triathlon Squad and tackled his first full professional season. In the coming years, he has raced across the world and has become one of the premier draft and non-draft athletes in the US. In 2015 he won the iconic Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and has set his sights on defending this title and qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games. Learn more about Eric at ericlagerstrom.com

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