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Gear Aid Revivex Wetsuit Shampoo

Gear Aid Revivex Wetsuit Shampoo

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Gear Aid Revivex Wetsuit Shampoo

Longevity of your blueseventy wetsuit comes down to proper care and storage. In addition to a fresh water rinse after each swim, the occasional deep clean can help extend the life of your wetsuit and prevent aging on the neoprene, especially from salt water. 

Revivex shampoo washes away organic residues like algae and bacteria as well as breaking down and removing salt deposits and can limit the effects of chlorine. 

Easy to use, simply mix on capful (1oz) in 2 gallons water. Submerge your wetsuit, soak and agitate briefly then rinse thoroughly with fresh water and hang to dry.

  • Gentle Cleaner - Removes harmful residues and particles including bacteria and salt without damaging the neoprene
  • Conditions - 2 in 1 formula extends the suit life by keeping neoprene supple
  • Protects - Prevents premature aging to extend the life of your wetsuit
  • Concentrated - 10 fluid ounce package is good for 10 wash treatments
  • Multipurpose - Safe for use on wetsuits, drysuits, triathlon wetsuits, life jackets, fishing waders, neoprene gloves & booties.