World Multisport Champion Braden Currie Joins the blueseventy Team

World Multisport Champion Braden Currie Joins the blueseventy Team

blueseventy is excited to announce a partnership with IRONMAN champion Braden Currie of New Zealand. Currie recently finished in fifth place at last month’s IRONMAN World Championship crossing the finish line with the sixth fastest time in the event's 40-year history.

“I’ve been wearing blueseventy suits for the last 12 months. I made a choice very early on in my career that I would only use equipment that works for me on every level. Every second counts and I, like most athletes, will always try and gain every advantage that I can when it comes to racing. It’s great to now be working in partnership with the team at blueseventy, and having access to wetsuits and swimskins, that for me are the best fitting and best performance suits for my job.” - Braden Currie

Currie exploded on the multi-sport scene just a few years ago. He’s a three-time champion of New Zealand’s ultra-competitive Coast-to-Coast event, was second at the 2015 XTERRA World Championships, and is a multiple New Zealand and Asia Pacific XTERRA Champion. He won his first attempt at the IRONMAN distance in New Zealand just last year, and then in one of the most exciting races this year, he battled and beat multiple short-course World Champion, Javier Gomez, to win the IRONMAN Asia Pacific Championships in June.

“At blueseventy we're fortunate enough to work with world class athletes from a lot of different backgrounds, but Braden's story is truly unique.  When you think about the fact that he started the sport long after most of his competitors and look at the results he's achieved the last few years, it's nothing short of incredible.  It also shows the best is still yet to come.  Our brand is a perfect fit for Braden as he continues his quest to podium in the world's most competitive races and we're proud to be part of his team.” - John Duquette, blueseventy CEO

On a record breaking day in Kona, Currie put on a gutsy performance in his second time competing at the IRONMAN World Championship. The traditionally searing temperatures were milder than usual this year and the often-fierce crosswinds uncommonly light. Currie battled seasoned pros on the course, setting pace with eventual winner Patrick Lange during the early stages of the run, going shoulder to shoulder with Tim O’Donnell for most of the run and just barely holding off a surging Matt Russell by 4 seconds at the finish line. 

Currie said about his Kona race: “I absolutely gave it everything I had in the tank today. To be honest, I’m really proud of the result. I held tough. I held in there. At the end of the day, I tried to go for the win and that was what I was there for.” 

You can follow Currie’s 2019 race journey at

Currie joins blueseventy’s stellar team of professional triathletes that include Lionel Sanders, Heather Jackson, Eric Lagerstrom, Dylan McNeice, Sarah Haskins, and recent IRONMAN Louisville champion Jen Spieldenner.