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Sarah Haskins is racing at the top of her profession lately. Since the first weekend in June, the professional triathlete, Olympian, wife and mother has won the Escape from Alcatraz, the Philadelphia Escape and the New York City Triathlons, the latest being her 50th career win. All this, among other great race performances, just 15 months after giving birth to her second child.  Alcatraz is easily one of the most formidable swims in the sport. The bitter cold, the incredibly strong current, difficulty in sighting due to the chop and fog, not to mention athletes begin the race by jumping...

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We’ve pushed the limits of cold water swimming with our THERMAL line of gear and the first ever THERMAL wetsuit two years ago. For 2018, we’re pleased to introduce the THERMAL Reaction to our wetsuit line-up. Fully lined with our mid-weight zirconium jersey for enhanced protection in frigid temperatures, it has all the warmth of the previous version, at a more affordable price. DIVE IN

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While cold water isn’t something we should fear, it is something we should respect and prepare for. Like any swim or triathlon, we do the work before hand, preparing yourself for a cold water race is exactly the same. Below are a few facts I’ve learned over the course of my racing career. All of these helped me not only survive the cold water, but thrive in it when others floundered. THE WETSUIT We’ll start off with the gear needed to make cold water swimming more bearable. The wetsuit, no matter the make, should fit well. Not too loose! A loose fit will cause ‘flushing’, basically allowing the cold water to flow through...

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