SMOG and blueseventy Team Up to Conquer the Open Water

SMOG and blueseventy Team Up to Conquer the Open Water

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Bryan Mineo, more popularly known as The Swim Mechanic. Mineo is a open water swim coach who helps create efficient and confident swimmers by breaking down open water swimming mechanics into digestible pieces. Mineo also runs SMOG (Swim Mechanic Ocean Group), the successful open water swim group based out of Los Angeles.

“I see blueseventy as the quintessential wetsuit brand that has withstood the test of time. I’m humbled to wear their colors and share their passion for open water and triathlon with my entire SMOG community.” - Bryan Mineo

Founded in 2014, SMOG provides a safe, fun and supportive training environment year round for local athletes of the California open water and triathlon communities. What was once only a group of a few clients, SMOG is now a collective of nearly 1,700 members. The program's weekly swims average more than 100 swimmers each Saturday and Sunday morning in LA, San Diego and San Francisco.

“Open water swimming, especially rough ocean swimming, can be daunting for a lot of athletes. Bryan’s focus on overcoming fear and growing confidence in the elements perfectly aligns with our goal of getting more people out there so that they can experience the joy of the open water.” - blueseventy brand manager Mike Orton

As SMOG has grown, the focus on community and giving back has remained at the forefront of the weekly sessions. SMOG holds beach cleanup before workouts, and just recently, Mineo launched SMOGcast, a podcast with two episodes per week: ‘Just another M(ech)ANIC Monday,’ details swim mechanics and open water technique, while Thursday’s episode features an interview with people who have come through his program.

Orton added: “We’re looking forward to collaborating with Bryan throughout the year with educational and informative stories and videos that will cover everything from swim mechanics to confidence building open water skills. We believe Bryan’s unique philosophy to the open water will connect with our followers.”

SMOG is located in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. SMOG LA meets 8 AM every Saturday at the Avenue A lifeguard tower on Redondo Beach. SMOG SD meets 7:30 AM every Sunday in front of the main tower at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. SMOG SF meets 8 AM every Sunday at Aquatic Park. Each month-long training block consists of a variety of workout formats, from circuit training, to distance courses, to time trials, and is crafted specifically around the triathlon and swimming race calendars.

You can learn more about Bryan and SMOG at his website