Why Masters Should Wear Tech Suits

We took the two reasons why most Masters swimmers don’t wear a textile suit—price and fit—and addressed them, resulting in the perfect Masters suit: the neroFIT. We combined elite competition technology from our neroTX and nero14 suits with comfort and flexibility to make the neroFIT, an ideal choice for Masters swimmers. To learn more about the vision, design process, and when this suit will be available visit USMS

this is our lab: Timex Multisport Team

The "this is our lab" mantra is an expression that comes from our connection as a small, passionate company to everyday athletes who use our products training and racing. Click here to read the whole story.

blueseventy and ITU

blueseventy will become the official swim and wetsuit partner for three of the eight WTS events in 2014 beginning with the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town this weekend. Click here to read the whole story.