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Best Suit Ever!

I absolutely love this suit. Super buoyant in the hips, lots of flexibility in the shoulders, and smooth seams. I can not recommend this suit enough. I have used it in short and long course.

- Jeff M, Helix

Great Utility Bag

This bag is definitely a game changer considering that it is large enough for a lot of gear but slim and sleek enough to travel with wherever you go; plus the style of the bag makes a statement on its own. Multiple compartments give lots of options for storage and you can change the carry of this bag from backpack to duffle bag!

- Reese, Helix Bag

Great Fit

I bought the wetsuit to swim in the 55 degree ocean after all the pools closed. The wet suit was snug, but perfect. Blueseventy staff helped me choose the correct size, updated me on delivery time and guiding me through how to actually put on the wetsuit. Great company, service oriented and excellent quality.

- Sally, Sprint

Good Fit, Clear

I swim daily and the amber goggles provide a comfortable and secure fit. Their clarity remains good while my face is in the water. They do not leak and I don't have to stop and fuss with re-adjusting the fit while swimming.

- Kate, Flow Goggle

Exactly What I Needed

This is perfect for open water swims - brings peace of mind to know you have it but you don’t notice that it is there as you are swimming. The dry bag part of it is perfect to hold keys so you don’t have to leave items on the shore. Overall has worked very well for me. I can swim for a bit, then rest for a bit holding on to the buoy. I’m a beginner swimmer training for triathlon.

- Kelsey, Buddy Bag

Awesome Suit!

This is my first wetsuit. It is extremely flexible and warm. It fits perfectly. I highly recommend it.

- Libby, Reaction