Nero Design

blueseventy is focussed on making swim products for the very best competitive athletes in the world. We are inspired by the people that push their limits, aim higher than the average person and set the standard that everyone else needs to achieve.

The NeroXII was designed for them. The ones that dare to truly challenge themselves.

For these swimmers then, we followed a strict process of design. 

Maintain an obsessive focus on biometric swim analysis. Structural decomposition of the swim stroke...a frame by frame video analysis of how a swimmer swims and how they balance pulling the water against the drag it brings is the major limitation in performance. Since drag is exponential, any small change can translate into a substantial improvement to performance. A primary aim then is to manage drag and comfort

Continually refine the fabric development process that led to the most compressive fabric we’ve ever used. The first step in creating the neroXII was developing a fabric that helps shape the swimmer into a more hydrodynamic position. Our French made fabric uses 56% more elasthanne fibres than the neroTX. More compression results in a more streamlined body position and a reduction in drag.

Panel positioning to give compression and stretch where needed. When stretched laterally, our neroXII fabric has double the force than when stretched vertically. This means the material compresses the swimmer into a more streamlined shape, but when stretched in a vertical direction the weave of the fabric optimizes elongation and allows the swimmer to compete without restriction. While many manufacturers talk about the compressive features of their fabric, we make sure we squeeze every piece of performance from our material.

Maximize the internal layering to accentuate compression in the areas of the body that are most susceptible to drag. Additionally, carefully placed panels welded internally into the suit support the transverse abdominals, assisting with core stability and flatten the posterior to reduce the swimmers drag profile. Developing the best swim race fabric in the world is one thing. Knowing how to use it correctly is another. 

Develop on our world leading seam welding technology. Our welding is industry leading and it starts by calibrating the machinery to our exacting standards twice each day. Seam profiles throughout the manufacturing are then tested in the wind tunnel to ensure the best possible combination of drag reduction and strength. What this means is simple...the suits hold and stay where they should.