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As the official swim sponsors of the PruHealth World Triathlon Grand Final London, we would like to congratulate you on your place at this prestigious event. The blueseventy team are here to help you find the right product for your race and to give you advice in the lead up to the event. See below for special offers just for athletes taking part.

We'll be running training events and sending out open water swim tips from the fastest swimmers in the world.

20 years experience to achieve perfect fit

blueseventy took its name from the simple fact that 70% of the world is covered in water.

If you spent a day with us at blueseventy you'd learn a couple things; that we're a small team committed to open water swimming, that we don't cover our suits in gimmicks and we certainly don't believe in the pseudo-science that other companies push out from so called official studies. We'd rather go off real info, like which suits are chosen by swimmers and professional athletes that test them.

We've spent 20 years developing and constantly tweaking our patterns to get a fit that works with the swimmer...not against them. 

It's that superior fit that leads to better performance and comfort in the water so our pro-athletes emerge first from the water at every iconic race in the world including the Olympics and World Championships over every distance. That's our measuring stick. And for this reason we are chosen by more swimmers than any other brand.



Buy a Helix, get $140 off and receive a free blueseventy Brick Bag and goggle pack worth $70.

As part of our wetsuit amnesty, when you collect your brick bag from our stand in the event village, drop off your current wetsuit and we’ll give your a further $97 rebate off your Helix. In total, that gives you the fastest wetsuit in the world at over 35% off.

At the checkout enter the code ‘swimfasterinlondon13’ and we’ll do the rest.

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If you order a Helix, Reaction or Fusion you get a free race pack worth $100 - it contains a race day Brick Bag, Hydravision Goggles, Nero goggles, a chip timing strap and a race belt. At the checkout enter the code 'swimlondon13' and we'll do the rest.

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The blueseventy Sprint wetsuit is a great entry level suit which has inherited its fit and panel construction from the development of suits like the Helix.

Our ex demo suits are reduced from $220 to $165 saving you $55. They are in 'as new' condition and perfect for a first timer racing triathlon.

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* Offers cannot be used together.

Femme Fit

blueseventy is the only company to offer female specific cut across our entire range of wetsuits and trisuits. We've spent countless hours observing how women swim and examining their anatomical characteristics. We noted shorter torso lengths, smaller muscle mass, higher swim cadences, and narrower waists paired with wider hips. The end results are the best fitting female wetsuit on the market.

Event count down

You'll be hearing more from the blueseventy team in the run up to the race. In the meantime click here to download our top tips from the fastest swimmers in the world.
If you need any advice get in touch with us. Email or phone 206 632 1994