Captain Awesome

He's been described as somewhat like Batman, a little bit of Superman, mixed with a special blend of Spiderman. Sounds pretty awesome.

In reality he's a tall skinny triathlete from New Zealand living the dream chasing the endless summer. If you've been to a triathlon in the past 10 years then you've probably met Guy Crawford. He is everywhere!

Actually he spends most of his time between Perth, Australia and Boise, USA. Guy is a long-time blueseventy employee and pro triathlete who specializes in half and full Ironman distances. The Captain has been around the block more then a few times and here we collect his musing from the wonderful world of triathlon. Enjoy! 


Race Local

I see athletes lose sight of why they do triathlons. Things get a little too serious and they forget why they started this sport in the first place. Triathlon is fun, social and exciting to be out there racing hard!
So in an effort to feel the love I choose a few great local events to do each year. No matter how I finish I always have a great time and it reminds me why I do it. At the end there are always people who are totally stoked to have finished their first sprint or Olympic and the positive energy is contagious.

On top of a busy professional race schedule, Guy makes the time to race locally, like Rolf Prima Tri At The Grove and Emmett's Most Excellent Triathlon.


Most of the time it's all about the swim, bike and run... But then there's the work you don't see. I'm not talking about eating right or getting plenty of sleep! I'm talking about giving back to those who support you every single day. Family, friends, training partners, etc. - let them know you appreciate the support!

For me - it's sponsors. It's an important roll of being a professional and arguably just as important as the swimming, biking and running. And have fun with it! Kate (Bevilaqua) and I just finished a photo shoot we set up just for our sponsors at an abandoned power plant AND nobody got radiation! Winning.

What Guy is saying here is giving back is good and radiation is bad.



Chasing my dream... What dream? Well it use to be to win this and that, but now it's to be the best I can be, not to stress, have fun, make friends and retire when my hips give out.

This morning I had 5 pieces of peanut butter on toast and two coffees: If that's not living the dream, what is?

Our interpretation: remember to not stress the small things. Enjoy the journey and swim because it's good for your joints. And start your day with PB toast.