Avoid Fraud!

Does it seem too good to be true? It probably is. 

Don't fall victim to a fraudulent website pretending to sell our gear or represent Blueseventy. We've unfortunately been notified of several different sites that at first glance look legitimate, but are in face complete scams. 

When shopping for a wetsuit, we understand that a discount or sale is often desired as our high end, quality wetsuits come with a higher price tag. However, many of these sites use extremely low prices to lure you in. Once they have your money you'll never see a product. 

The easiest way to ensure you're purchasing a legit Blueseventy product is to purchase directly from us. We also have a network of quality retailers that sell our gear as well. If you are unsure about a website you have found, see if the company is listed on our dealer locator. If it is not, then do not purchase!

Take a look at some screenshots below to help understand what a fraud site may look like and how to avoid being scammed.

fraudulent website screenshot

The two circled items are key flags to help avoid purchasing from a fake web shop. 

1) a random or weird URL. This URL is not a store or company name

2) Using our logo as their own. To make it even worse, they are using our OLD logo that was redesigned in 2021. Any reputable website that is related to one of our retailers will have their own company name and logo. 

fake website product listing

On the second image example, the two easy things that should immediately clue you into a possible scam are: 

1) The product price. Have you been shopping for a Helix but don't like the $920 price tag? Then this site is selling for $96! What a steal! And it will be... as in they will steal your money. Always fall back on, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

2) Over abundant text to get you to "trust" the website. If it seems like they are trying very hard with a ton of text and icons about how trustworthy they are, it's quite possible that they are not trustworthy. 

Finally, contact them. If you are ever unsure about a product listed for sale online, always try to contact the company. If you can't get ahold of anyone there, or replies feel fishy, stay away! If you ever have a question, contact us. We answer the phone or emails and are easily able to confirm if a site you are shopping is in fact legit. 

Remember - the easiest way to avoid a scam is to purchase directly from us.