Core Short (Unisex)

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The Core Short provides lift for the hips and legs while swimming - simulating the lift of a wetsuit, and mimicking the feeling of using a pull-buoy. For triathletes, training with the Core Short will provide a seamless transition to wetsuit swimming in open water- getting you ready for race day. For pool swimmers, the Core Short is essentially a wearable, improved pull-buoy: it improves every swim stroke, allows natural kick and hip rotation, and flip-turns are easier.

Designed with the same top-end materials as our Helix Wetsuits, the Core Short is crafted from 5mm Aerodome neoprene with flexible 3mm thick side panels. Designed to be durable and able to withstand hours of pool and open-water use, it is meant to be worn over a swimsuit.

Sizing is based on Waist Size: XS = 28 , S = 30 , M = 32, L = 34 , XL = 36

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