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      Lowest Temp: 55F / 12.5C

Buoyancy Profile: 5:5:4
       Performance Level: Elite / Pro

The sixth incarnation of the HELIX is our finest suit ever. Built using all-new LIFT technology, this suit puts every swimmer in an efficient downhill swimming position. Tested and refined by Olympic & World Champion athletes, it features premium materials, a proprietary shoulder design, and many other speed-enhancing features. A true second skin and lightning fast through T1.

Key Features:

  • Torsion Stretch Technology (TST): the distinct blue shoulders and back are designed to offer the ultimate flexibility throughout your full range of motion
  • Layered Insulation Foam Technology (LIFT): ultra buoyant foam sandwiched between the outer and inner layers on the back of the legs improve body positioning 
  • Aqua Feel Catch Panels: Hydrophobic, permeable textile catch panels return the feel for the water
  • The Insides Count: extremely flexible, 100% nylon ultra-stretch jersey is lighter and offers significantly increased stretch compared to previous suits. 
  • Vo2 Chest Panels: buoyant Yamamoto aerodome is split by a flexible panel improving both buoyancy and performance through easier breathing
  • Contour Fit for Comfort: gender specific contouring and thinner 3mm side panels allow for more natural hip rotation and easier suit removal
  • Reverse Zipper: eliminates chafing at the neck due to the position of the zipper head and allows for a lower more comfortable collar


Get all the details: Learn more about the HELIX.

Key Features

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