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Curious about our Core Short? Our own Ryan Vanderloop and Team Timex's Dave Erickson chat about the benefits to swimming with this popular training tool for triathletes and swimmers. Learn more and purchase here.

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We're thrilled to form a partnership with the USA Pentathlon program that will have the athletes training and competing in our award-winning swim gear as they compete in qualifying events for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The swimming competition in Modern Pentathlon is a 200m freestyle race for both men and women with athletes seeded in heats according to their personal best time. Our sponsorship manager, Ryan Vanderloop, has strong faith that the team has already begun to reap the benefits. “A few of the athletes have used our pool competition suits and goggles for a year now. The...

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  “I’d definitely recommend using a foam roller, not just because it helps with warming up and recovery from hard training sessions, but because it’s the little things like you do out of the water, that make the difference in the water.” - Alfie Howes The foam roller is now as common on the pool deck as swimsuits and goggles. When used correctly it can provide significant benefits. You can roll any muscle group in your body to help relieve knots and tension. Focus on particular tight, painful spots by applying pressure there, or roll along a whole muscle to help loosen...

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