r10 Double-Layered Compression

r10 Double-Layered Compression

In 2013 our product development team laid down goals for a new tech suit: it needed to be built with exclusive fabrics, it should have a distinctive look, feature an improved fit and of course, be fast. Faster then anything we’ve made before. Over the next couple years, we tested dozens of fabrics and different fits, but the project didn’t really come to life until 2015 when we came up with the unique copper infused fabric and clarified with FINA that we could increase the amount of the suit that could be double layered.

Back in 2009 swimmers wore two suits to aid in buoyancy. This was banned by FINA in 2010, and up until now the only sections of a textile race suit that could be double layered were in areas of modesty. FINA easing up on this rule for 2016 presented an opportunity to design our fastest ever suit.

Copper microfibers increase compression

The r10 is made from a highly compressive outer shell fabric. Taking inspiration from some of the highest performing sporting garments in the world, the r10 is the first performance swimsuit to feature copper microfibers, giving it strength, as well as helping you to perform and recover more quickly.

Compression has key biomechanical, physiological and psychological benefits for swimming. Compression suits are made from heavier weight fabrics, including double layered panels, which will help elite competitive swimmers swim faster. Compressive suits squeeze the body to reduce frontal and cross sectional area of swimmers, which in theory makes them smaller. This reduction in drag saves energy and increases distance per stroke.

Flexible side panels enhance fit

The flexible side panels and shape of the r10 also influence body position, lifting the lower limbs and helping to keep the torso flatter. A horizontal body position reduces frontal drag. Even on breaststroke and fly where there is natural undulation, returning to horizontal between phases is where the forward movement happens.

The blue inner layer aids in performance

The inner skin of the R10 is a super soft and lightweight fabric. Double-layered leg compression stimulates power off the blocks, and kicking speed by squeezing the hamstrings, but leaving the front of the legs and hips freer and flexible to perform the strokes.

The men’s Jammer has been perfected with a mid-waist design which extends rear compression up the glutes while retaining a lower-riding front. The women’s kneeskin is the first tech suit by blueseventy to feature a power-back design which provides more coverage and compression across the back to reduce friction and vibration in the water. Our improved leg grippers on the men’s and women’s suits lock down the suit for a perfect fit. All seams are ultra sonic bonded for seamless surface flow.

The new kneeskin powerback design

Larger, stronger swimmers will benefit the most from the r10. This is an elite suit that you will see on the big stages this summer, and now you can join them wearing our most advanced suit ever.

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