Ironman World Championships - Kona

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in Kona.  blueseventy was there supporting and mingling with our customers fans and athletes as we have for 20 years.  Kona is always special.  Thank you to our pros - our greatest ambassadors in the "field" taking on the toughest course under immense pressure and with all the world watching.  Athletes like Luke Bell, Gina Crawford, Pete Jacobs, Leanda Cave, Matthew Russell, Clayton Fettell, Pedro Gomez, Dirk Bockel as well as the countless age groupers who choose our swimskin -the most worn in our sport.   Special congratulations to Liz Blatchford.  She raced hard, came here to compete at the front end of the race and finished in 3rd place.  Earning a podium spot here is special and never easy - Liz performed terrifically and made the most of her first visit to Kona.  Congratulations Liz!