Helix First Out at Ultraman Canada

Aqua Shop Melbourne (AUS) Store Manager Craig Percival took on Ultraman Canada in Penticton BC this summer.  Craig set a new swim course record exiting the swim first wearing his favorite blueseventy Helix wetsuit!

Finishing third overall after day three following a course record on day 1 here is a short re-cap of Craig’s race written by his club - No Limits Endurance:

The 10-kilometer swim on the race’s first day set the tone for the weekend, with Craig Percival of Melbourne, Australia, breaking the record for the lengthwise crossing of Skaha Lake by eight minutes - in a time of 2:24:28.Percival’s opening stance brought a Day 1 course record of 6:43:00. After David Matheson, More than Sport athlete Christian Isakson crossed the line in 7:20:55, with de la Parra just a minute behind in fourth and Bergen coming in five minutes later.

Day 2 brought the athletes a 275.8km bike ride in which Craig and David Matheson ( an 18 x Ironman) rallied around each other stomping down their four followers and crossing as shown side by side. 

By day 3, exhausted from the first two days amazing efforts, Craig earned 3rd overall – a remarkable finish to hold off 4th place by 6 seconds and coming to his knees with exhaustion - living up to his squads name of NO LIMITS! This is a remarkable accomplishment for a man who is not a full time athlete being the manger of Aqua Shop Melbourne, a husband and father of 2 and gained himself a leading reputation in the world of Triathlon not only through being a past Pro Ironman (4 x Hawaii Ironman Finisher and 16 x Ironman Finisher) and now accomplished Ultra Ironman but also as a coach of no limits triathlon training club in Melbourne. You can read more about that on his clubs websitehttp://www.nolimitsendurance.com.au/ 

As demonstrated by his explosive 10km swim Craig knows what’s what it takes in the world of endurance swimming and can shares his knowledge with Aqua Shop customers down-under. Congratulations Craig from blueseventy and the Aqua Shop Team.