World Bicycle Relief Ambassador takes on Whistler

Last year Claire and Rebecca from World Bicycle Relief asked us to take part in their ambassador program and we jumped in.  Meet Michael Bedke, competing in Whistler this weekend.

 Mike is an age group triathlete from Tampa, FL. His athletic pursuits have taken him across the globe racing Ironman events (8 finishes including Kona), running the Marathon des Sables (150 mile race across the Sahara), summiting Africa’s Kilimanjaro, riding some of the US’s most challenging peaks, and more. But his work outside of sport makes him even more extraordinary. His commitment to leaving the world a better place is truly commendable. He is recognized nationally for his pro-bono work assisting disaster victims and defending the rights of domestic violence victims. With a list of accolades too long to mention, we couldn’t be more thrilled about having Mike on board with us.

Michael confesses swimming may be his weak-link in triathlon but he feels his blueseventy helix might give him an unfair advantage.  Mike recalls, “I used it in an open water swim in Utah recently and loved it. It is WAY more flexible than my old wetsuits. In fact, it has motivated me to swim today on my lunch hour. For the first time ever, I am looking forward to the swim at IRONMAN! I can’t say thank you enough.”

Mike’s personal goal is to raise $16000 for WBR- his dedication to this is “tireless”.  Mike says, “There is no better "team" than ours. There is not another not-for-profit that can do so much good and make such an immediate "real world" positive impact for such a small investment. Together, we can literally change the world!”

Mike is in the final stretch of his fundraising and training goal with Ironman Canada a few weeks away.  We are proud of his hard work both in athletic accomplishments and for the benefit of others.  Most of all for his inspiring lifestyle!

Here is the link to Mike’s World Bicycle Relief fundraising page: