Wetsuit fit advice from Guy Crawford, aka 'Captain Awesome'

Guy is a Professional Triathlete from Auckland New-Zealand who specializes in half iron/70.3 distance. He currently lives in the beautiful city of Perth in Western Australia and spends most of his racing season in the USA. Guy is a longtime blueseventy athletes and this month talks about how important wetsuit fit is to performance  

Some people love them and some people don't. For those that don't I often think this is because of the size and how the wetsuit should be worn/fitted.

At every race I hear "it was just to tight" or "my shoulders fatigued really quickly"
Often people think the resolution for this is to get a sleeveless wetsuit. 
Hopefully the following will offer you some relief.

When wearing my wetsuit I ALWAYS swim faster and my shoulders never fatigue. 
Why is this? 
It's because my Helix is the correct size and I spend time fitting it correctly.
I have the added advantage of knowing how my wetsuit should feel.

So how can you the buyer/owner swim faster and feel better in your wetsuit?

Well, first off I'd always recommend getting a professional fit. Go through your retailer rather than buying online if you think you are a difficult fit.

Sizing is key for getting the correct wetsuit for you, most wetsuit charts go by height and weight.
In nearly all cases you should be guided primarily by the weight chart. Lean to the upper end of the weight scale if in doubt.

Your wetsuit should be fitted from the ankle up, like any pair of pants you climb into the wetsuit except with the zipper at the back ( yes I've seen zippers at the front before) 

My fit guidelines are below, I think you'll swim faster and feel better if you follow them.

1) Start by bringing the wetsuit up high on the ankle, approx an inch about the ankle bone.
2) Work the material up the calf and thighs (do not yank the suit up in one big heave to the hips)
3) Once the suit is above your glutes (bottom) make sure there is no sagging through the groin area. This is important for the overall fit. If you need to go back to the ankle and knead the material upwards until there is no sagging and you have a snug fit.
4)The arms, One at a time. Put your arms into the wetsuit bringing the wetsuit material another inch past you wrist bone.
5) Working on the same arm bring the material up and over the top of the shoulder. (repeat on the other arm)
6) Ensure the wetsuit material in now snug into the armpits. This is super important for shoulder flexibility, if it's again saggy under the armpit move more material from the wrist up until it's snug under the armpit. 
7) Pull material from lower abdominal area and knead upwards until you get to the neck line then release. This will loosen the pressure on the shoulders by moving more material upwards resulting in easier arm rotation and breathing.
8) Have someone zip you up and double check everything above.
9) Swim a couple dozen strokes and then adjust the shoulders as needed.

Your wetsuit should now feel snug but your shoulders should also rotate freely and your breathing relaxed.
Your now ready to rumble into that Ocean, River, Pond, or Lake with confidence. 

For more info on fitting or sizing drop us a line.