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Why A Sleeveless Suit?


Athletes often ask us what's the difference between a full and a sleeveless wetsuit?

Easy: full suits are more buoyant. Traditionally, full suits were only used for extreme cold, as they were known for reducing stroke efficiency and causing muscle fatigue in the arms. With the advent of more flexible materials and better construction techniques, it’s now possible to have a virtually restriction-free full suit. Now they have become the choice of suit for most triathletes.

So why would I want a sleeveless suit?

Full suits are warmer. The number one reason for picking up a sleeveless suit is swimming in warmer climates and races. When air and water temperatures over longer distances rise, some athletes can overheat in a full suit. A sleeveless suit offers most of the buoyancy and speed of a full suit without the additional warmth.

Sleeveless suits are easier to fit. Without the sleeves, getting into and removing a sleeveless suit makes transitions quicker. If you're someone who hits the gym to bench press like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a sleeveless suit can fit and feel less restrictive in the upper body. Novice athletes may prefer the feel of a sleeveless suit when shopping for their first wetsuit. They will help beginners develop the feel for the water that advanced swimmers have developed over years of pool swimming.

Diversity. If you're an athlete who takes to the open water multiple times a week you will find a lot of use in adding a sleeveless model to your gear arsenal. It allows you to mix up your open water routine, it's easier to get on and off, and it provides less overheating when the water temperatures rise at the conclusion of the summer.

We offer three options in sleeveless suits - from our flagship HELIX to our best-selling REACTION to the entry level SPRINT. We have you covered (minus the arms of course :) for any budget and level. Happy Swimming

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