Hydra-Vision goggle goes polarized

The new blueseventy polarized Hydra-Vision goggle is set to establish new standards in what swimmers can expect. Polarized lenses are the highest quality, best performing lenses on land, and even more essential in the water to eliminate surface glare and increase vision clarity in all light conditions.

The award-winning Hydra-Vision uses lightweight soft frame technology with emphasis on all round visibility and improved dynamics in the water. The curved wide vision lens makes this a perfect goggle for both pool and open water.

The next generation of Hydra-Vision goggles is now available from blueseventy with two colour options complimenting the exiting line.

The key benefit of polarized lenses is their response to different light conditions, working exceptionally well in both bright and darker conditions. As well as filtering out glare, which can cause eye fatigue, they dramatically increase clarity of vision.

When light conditions are changeable during the course of a swim, the blueseventy polarized Hydra-Vision goggle can handle the transition from sunny to overcast with exceptional precision.

Having the highest quality anti-fog treatment combined with polarized lenses, the new Hydra-Vision redefines clear vision, ensuring that swimmers can keep the best lines by having clear sight of open water buoys ahead. The curved lenses also increase peripheral vision so that they are fully aware of what is going on around them at all times.

blueseventy Hydra-Vision goggles are constructed from the latest HDR TPR frame materials in order to reduce weight and increase comfort. A split yoke strap provides a secure fit even in the toughest open water swims.

Polarized Hydra-Vision goggles are available in white and black or grey and black, and are priced $35. They are available via www.blueseventy.com and from all major triathlon and swim retailers.

About blueseventy 

If you spent a day with us at blueseventy you’d learn a couple things; that we’re a small team committed to triathlon and swimming, that we don’t cover our suits in gimmicks and we certainly don’t believe in the pseudo-science that other companies push out from so called official studies. We’d rather go off real information, like which suits are chosen by the professional athletes that test them.

We’ve spent over 20 years developing and constantly tweaking our patterns to get a fit that works with the swimmer. It’s that superior fit that leads to better performance and comfort in the water so our pro-athletes emerge first from the water at every iconic race in the world including the Olympics and World Championships over every distance. That’s our measuring stick. And for this reason, we are chosen by more swimmers than any other brand.