this is our lab: Lucy Gossage prepares for Kona

Great Britain’s Lucy Gossage is just one of the blueseventy athletes we’re proud to be supporting all the way to Kona and the World Ironman Championships.

This is Lucy’s third visit to the Big Island, but her first time racing Pro as she’s taking a break from work as an oncology doctor to focus on long distance racing. Having already won Ironman Lanzarote this year, she certainly knows how to perform well in the lava fields.

We caught up with her to find out more about her expectations for Kona 2014…


You’re there already training (KONA), so what’s it like and where are you staying?

Training here is hard – and, no matter how hard you try, you can’t help but feel that everyone is watching you whenever you train.

I’m staying in a luxurious villa with the Team Freespeed gang. It looks amazing so is going to be a luxury place to taper! It’s a bit out of town, which I think is good as it’s easy to get psyched out staying close to the start!


How different is it going to Kona as a pro rather than an Age Grouper?

It’s SO different! The first time I really was a rookie on a road bike without a clue. I didn’t know anyone, was too scared to talk to anyone and completely intimidated by the whole thing. The second time, in 2010, was much more fun. I felt like I deserved to be there and had a much better race. I don’t feel any pressure this time round – there is enough Brit talent here to take that off me!


What are your favourite things about racing in Kona?

The finishing line. Running through that is incredible – it’s the culmination of years of work and I get quite emotional even thinking about it!


Do you have different strategies or kit based on the heat/wind.

It’s not actually that windy at the moment but my memories of my first year are struggling to keep my bike upright!

I swim with the new PZ4TX speed suit as it’s a non wetsuit swim and have put some extra bottle cages on my bike so I can collect as many bottles as I need at aid stations. I still have a standard trisuit but will make sure I put on my factor 50 P20 suncream!


Is this the last race of your season?

Yes. I’m ready for an off season!


If everything goes exactly to plan, what is your goal for the race?

To have a good swim, a solid bike that’s paced well and get off the bike in the shape to do the run I think I can. I race better if i’m enjoying it so just hope I can avoid getting overwhelmed by the whole ‘world champs’ thing and remember to smile….