Following Summer: Guy Crawford & Kate Bevilaqua

Triathlon Professionals Guy Crawford and Kate Bevilaqua exchange lives between Perth Australia and Boise Idaho each year allowing them to train and race all year.  We asked them a few questions about their lifestyle and settling into Boise for the 2014 racing season.
blueseventy: What is the biggest hurdle/challenge making the AUS/USA transition-switch?
Kate: Definitely the time difference and the jet lag! We have been really bad in the past and would spend nearly a week not getting to bed until 1-2am then sleeping in the next day until 10-11am. This was a bad idea and the vicious cycle just continues! This time we were much better. Although we arrived late thursday night we woke up early and went swimming on Friday morning and forced ourselves to stay up all day! Actually, Guy was surprisingly much better at it than I was! I tried to sneak off about 2.30pm Friday afternoon for a nap but he came and found me. It gave him great pleasure waking me up! I was pretty cranky!!
Guy: Another thing that takes a while to get used too is daylight savings! We don't have that in Perth. So even in the middle of summer it is dark by 7.30-8pm. This makes it easy to go to bed early and stick to a good routine. But the last few nights in Boise it has been easy to lose track of time and suddenly it would be after 8pm and we hadn't even had dinner yet!! If this happened at home I would not be happy at all!! 
blueseventy: What are you looking forward to in the States?  (events? training? friends? peak "A" races?)
Kate: Wow - so much!! Summer!! Not that we can complain…we don't have to deal with the cold that often! Catching up with all our friends here. Weekend trips to McCall Trail running!! Plus we have some great races planned! Most are ones we have done before, but obviously we love them because we keep going back! We also have quite a few friends making the trip from Perth to Boise for the first time year. We can't wait to show them around! 
blueseventy: Why Boise for your US home?
Kate: We love Boise! They call it the "City of Trees" it is very cute and we feel it is a hidden gem. It is at 3500 feet, but in a few hours you can be at 5000 plus feet. The running trails are amazing! The friends we have made over the years are like extended family now and it wouldn't be the same if we didn't come back and visit them every year!
Guy: Everyone is so friendly and in today's economy Boise has an affordable cost of living for 2 Professional Triathletes. In all the years we have lived here we have never owned a car, instead just 2 cruisers that we can get around town on because everything is so close.  
blueseventy: What will you miss most about Perth?
Kate: Besides our family and Friends….our cat Ozzy!! She is an American cat living in Perth and if we could, we would definitely travel with her all the time. But unfortunately it is not that easy and the laws in Australia are very strict including months of quarantine. So best for her to stay in Australia with my mum.
Guy: Access to 50m Pools!! We have them everywhere at home and we forget how spoilt we are until we go somewhere else. Where we live in Perth is a 1min walk from an indoor 50m pool but we choose to drive 30mins to an outdoor 50m pool where our Swim Smooth squad is. Finally, we miss the beaches! We are pretty spoilt in Australia and being land locked in Idaho we do miss the ocean! 
blueseventy: Thank you for taking a moment to chat with us- you have been terrific brand ambassadors for years and we truly enjoy your teamwork!
Kate & Guy: You are so welcome! It is going to be another great summer!!! See you at the races!! :-)
Photo Credits Darryl Carey