this is our lab: Timex Multisport Team

The "this is our lab" mantra is an expression that comes from our connection as a small, passionate company to everyday athletes who use our products training and racing.  We try to keep our focus on the pulse we get from people who use blueseventy products and share their experiences.  We strive to reach triathletes through social media, advertising and sponsorships.  One of our most powerful sponsorships is the Timex Multisport Team.

Made up of 50 athletes from a few continents, 80% being age group athletes and 20% being professional, this group blends all types of triathletes with very diverse lives into a team with a common love and purpose in triathlon.  From their own description, "The athletes serve as brand ambassadors for Timex and sponsors at hundreds of events around the world, and work closely with Timex on refining new products for the endurance sports world."  

The Team helps blueseventy reach into many corners of the real-world proving ground of triathlon- this is the "lab" we speak of.

A week ago the Timex Multisport Team held a camp in Florida where the athletes attended marketing meetings, technical gear seminars, product testing circles, and ate, trained and socially connected with teammates, management and sponsors like Timex, blueseventy, Trek, Shimano and others.  
Through this event we are able to engage the Timex athletes intimately about our brand and products.  We answer questions and field discussions that revolve around everyday training and racing by everyday athletes.  Granted the Timex athletes are selected for being outstanding and often high performing individuals, most of them are coaches, work full time, are parents and very down to earth triathletes who touch many corners of the US and the World.  Truly representatives of our "lab".
Timex Multisport Team athletes can be seen racing across the globe.  They train hard and with passion and love to share it.  That passion extends to their sponsors and partners and the team athletes love to talk about the gear they use and how it benefits them every day.  
The weekend offers the opportunity to catch a few pre-dawn swim sessions and strength workouts in the weight room.  Small groups break out for runs between seminars and a few athletes got to hit the road on their new Trek bikes.  
Meals are entire group affairs full of lively discussion and serious calorie consumption as everyone is in full-swing training.  There are two banquet evenings with speakers and special recognition of certain teammates achievements and life stories.  A few nights are also spent kicking back and unwinding socially with a drink in-hand.
Timex creates a powerful marketing vehicle with this dynamic team in the largely individual sport of triathlon. This is our lab.