The PZ3TX is a fully textile and welded version of our legendary pointzero3. It is a highly advanced swimskin combining hydrophobic fabrics with welded seams in order to reduce surface drag. Biomechanically engineered compressive properties drastically reduce wave drag and increase performance. The result is a swimskin that reset the standard for triathlon gear in the era of textile regulations. It’s not surprising the world'’s fastest triathletes make the PZ3TX the swimskin of choice.

Fully textile swim skin. WTC (70.3 & Ironman) and USAT Legal.

Advanced YKK auto locking zipper (no string or lanyard). When the suit is zipped up the head of the zipper will be pointed down to the locked position. When taking the PZ3TX off flip the zipper head up (to the un-locked position) and peel it off. This unique zipper system reduces drag, is faster to remove and due to it's lightweight and flexibility, more comfortable.

Superior ultra-welded seams reduce friction drag and enhance race speed.• Welded arm gussets improve underarm comfort due to less chafing.

An innovative lightweight, water resistant fabric improves core positioning with advanced compression. White heat reflective fabric in the upper back, highly compressive to reduce drag, while allowing optimal thermoregulation.
The PZ3TX is designed to fit tight while accommodating a tri kit underneath. If you find yourself in the middle to lower end of a size based on the size chart then that size is right for you. If you fall into the higher end of a size then you may find going up a size will fit more comfortably.

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