neroTX jammer

We introduced the neroTX range to conform to the new FINA rulings and it remains the industry standard for value and performance. We sought and incorporated the very latest in modern textile fabric technology with advanced ultrasonic welding and extensively tested patterns offering the optimal blend of fit, compression and performance, you will be swimming faster in blueseventy.

  • Ultra sonic bonded seams for seamless surface flow
  • Low drag co-efficent
  • Compression management
  • Ultra lightweight quick drying fabric
  • FINA Approved
  • Low profile waistband for reduced flow disturbance
  • Available in black, pink, blue & orange

Featuring a warp filament treated nylon, the neroTX jammer sits in a class of its own. Ultra low drag co-efficient, compression and a dynamic fit offers superior performance. A competition jammer that delivers maximum performance within FINA regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: The compression properties of these suits will be slightly higher than TX suits that you may have worn in the past. If you are between sizes please always size up rather than down.

Click here for a downloadable PDF explaining fit and care.

neroTX jammer



The highly compressive nature of our TX Diaphanous fabric gives a figure hugging fit to the neroTX range. The end result is a suit that helps to streamline the body shape in the water and therefore make the swimmer go faster.


The ultrasonically welded seams in the neroTX range significantly reduce the drag found in conventionally sewn swimwear. The extremely lightweight nature of our TX fabric further enhances the seam welding leaving an almost undeterminable seam line. The water repellent nature of the suit further increases the ability of the swimmer to slip through the water and therefore reduces passive drag.


Years of extensive research and hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into making sure every neroTX suit provides the perfect fit to facilitate optimal individual swimming technique. From the very nature of our unique TX fabric, down to the strategic alignment/interplay of shoulder straps and scapular movement, to the pin point accuracy of seam lines, each neroTX has been designed to be a part of you, the swimmer, maximizing your potential, not working against it.

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