The Helix has won more races than any other wetsuit, ever. The standard shelf version was first out of the water at the London 2012 Olympics in both the men's and women's triathlon event. It is relied on by the world's fastest athletes to get them out of the water with less effort and more energy for the bike. No other wetsuit is so copied and envied by our competitors. 

Why? Because the Helix is based on over 20 years of fit and testing data across pros and elite athletes. The Helix has unparalleled flexibility and strategically placed buoyancy panels to lift the body but not inhibit the pull or glide phase of the swim stroke. It truly is in  a world of it's own in function, durability and style. 

The Helix tiers buoyancy 5-5-4, maximizing core buoyancy using Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene in the split chest panel and torso panel of the suit. Our now legendary and distinctive blue TST panels improve range of motion and provide a more powerful swim stroke as the race gets longer. It is the only suit on the market that uses super thin 1mm arms and permeable fabric in the catch panel to return the feel for the water through the suit. A first for any full suit and a significant departure from what other brands do. The reverse zipper reduces chaffing and makes it easier to sight. 

We've further improved our Femme Fit sizing and now offer our women's specific wetsuits in more sizes then any other brand.

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2014 Helix Full Suit