Reaction Full Suit

Reaction Full Suit


Drawing on a modified panel construction from our flagship Helix, the women's specific Reaction has grown up from an entry level wetsuit and has firmly positioned itself as the best value in triathlon wetsuits. It was re-designed from the ground up using high quality SCS coated Yamamoto neoprene that delivers a low drag external surface and more durability. Our women's specific Femme Fit construction draws on years of wetsuit design and testing. Finally, the Reaction gains value in tricky down technology from our flagship Helix in the unique Vo2 Split Chest Panel and single seam tube legs that make getting on and off this suit a breeze. There's a reason more multisport stores in the world choose the blueseventy Reaction as their rental wetsuit: it spares nothing and isn't full of useless gimmicks. To put it simply, the Reaction fits, is buoyant and swims incredibly well.

We've further improved our Femme Fit sizing and now offer our women's specific wetsuits in more sizes then any other brand.


BUOYANCY: The Reaction tiers buoyancy 4-5-4, centralizing Core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the swimmer.

Two side panels of 4mm Yamamoto 38cell Neoprene accentuate natural lung buoyancy to optimize your upper body position relative to the legs.

5mm Yamamoto Neoprene supports the hips and lower torso, lifting the body in the water reducing drag and improving speed. The 5mm panels in the back of the hips, are lateral orientated in order to facilitate raised body position when you roll to the side during breathing.

Research with top swimmers has shown that our 4mm Yamamoto neoprene legs deliver the perfect blend of buoyancy without limiting drive from the kick.

FLEXIBILITY: Our A-FLEX Orange Jersey highlights the Reactions highly flexible 4 way stretch 1.5mm arms and over sized underarm gussets.

VO2 CHEST PANEL: A central panel of 3mm material laminated with our A-FLEX material maximizes stretch during respiration and improves comfort.

LOWERED COLLAR: Our curved closure flap reduced rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chaffing

SINGLE SEAM TUBE LEGS: Our tube construction in the lower leg, combines A FLEX material with a single seam to maximize the flexibility and promote a quick release from your suit in the transition. Liquid taping on the internal seam reinforces and allows you to cut the leg to your desired height.

KNEE FLEX PANELS: Our 2 mm KNEE FLEX panels assist with knee flexion by reducing bunching behind the knee and improve functionality when you need to run to T1.

A- GRIP PANELS: A textured forearm print onto our high stretch jersey allows the swimmer extra feel for the water and additional grip in the propulsion phase of the stroke.

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