Fusion Full Suit

Fusion Full Suit

Built off the same approach we apply to our elite women's suits, the Fusion is designed to evenly lift the swimmer in the water. The predominant placement of buoyancy panels in the lower body enables less technical swimmers to achieve a neutral swimming position while shoulder and underarm construction sets this suit apart. In 2013 Triathlete Magazine tested the Fusion against seven other suits and found that it was faster than suits costing 3 times as much. For the price point the Fusion is the most flexible suit on the market and outshines the competition.

The Fusion tiers buoyancy 3-4-4 with less buoyancy in the chest than the Reaction and Helix. We use fewer panels and a more affordable Yamamoto rubber to build the Fusion and deliver it at an affordable price point.

For 2014 we've further improved our Femme Fit sizing and now offer our women's specific wetsuits in more sizes then any other brand. 

The Fusion tiers buoyancy 3-4-4 with less overall buoyancy than the Reaction and Helix suits, but the ratio of buoyancy between the lower body and upper torso creates an optimal body position.

CHEST: RATING 3mm Yamamoto SCS 3mm Neoprene 3 mm chest panel, offers excellent chest buoyancy, as well as comfort.

4mm Yamamoto panels in the hips and legs focuses buoyancy in this area lifting the lower half of the body up and into alignment with the chest and head. This improvement in body position creates less drag by improving body position improving speed, and conserving energy.

Our A – FLEX Orange Jersey highlights in the 1.5mm arms, and underarm gussets maximizes the performance of the suits arms, creating superb flexibility.

Our curved closure flap reduced rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chaffing

2mm A – FLEX material located in a quick exit panel at the back of the leg improves transition times.

A textured forearm print onto our high stretch jersey allows the swimmer extra feel for the water and additional grip in the propulsion phase of the stroke.

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